Church Planting

Planting ‘One More Church’ in our Judea & to the Ends of the Earth


The multiplication of new creative, contextualized, Christ-centered churches is a long-term calling and core competency of the Lake Forest Family of Churches.
Lake Forest Church was initiated by Forest Hill Church in 1998, a church with a kingdom vision larger than themselves, and that DNA lives on with us.
To live out this commitment, we set aside three percent of all offerings annually at all LFC churches for church multiplication. We plant a new church every 1-3 years in various missional contexts.


EPC Church Planter Residents

Recent seminary graduates who feel called to plant a new EPC church will gain readiness for their career through a 1-2 year apprenticeship under experienced church planters in our network. Each resident will develop in their personal life, pastoral vocation and planting skills through practical ministry, coaching, study, evaluation and reflection.

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“Being a church planting resident at Lake Forest has grown my leadership, discipleship and marriage. As a leader, Mike has modeled the power of lifelong learning and humility to which I aspire.

As a disciple, I have learned to cultivate a vibrant relationship with God through a personal Rule of Life. My marriage has been strengthened through the program’s emphasis in developing church planters with healthy families.”

-Drew Daniels

Church Planter Intensive Training Course

Held Annually Every June; Stay tuned for 2022 date

This course will cover training in church planting-as-applied missiology, stories and actionable wisdom from multiple church planters of diverse backgrounds and relational access to several national church planting networks, for ongoing growth and opportunity. You’ll learn current best thought and practices of biblical theology and methodology of church planting, but this will not be a ‘one method/model of planting churches fits all’ approach.

Afternoons will include ‘field visits,’ learning alongside multiple diverse church plants in the region. There will be personalized breakout instruction and consultation for active church planters, pre-assessment to your calling of church planting and so much more.

Take a Class with “Dr” Mike

Would you like to take or audit Mike Moses’ annual graduate class at Gordon-Conwell Seminary titled, “Planting Missional Churches in a Post-Christian Context?”

To learn more, message us here.