What is a Family of Churches?

Everyone who worships with one Lake Forest Church community is also part of a larger movement of God’s Spirit in our generation!


This vision of the Lake Forest Family of Churches is:
to see God transforming one more neighborhood at a time by continuously planting locally-focused churches, whose disciples live and worship in such compelling and Christ-like ways that their neighbors are attracted to consider the claims of Jesus.
Each of our Churches:
  • is led by local elders and pastors
  • is initiated by its own founding Lead Pastor who preaches live and in person
  • is empowered to contextualize its worship, ministries, staff and budgets in ways that will best serve their local community
The Family of Churches lives into our shared identity in the following ways:
  • United in one shared ministry:  Each church contributes 3% of its annual giving to support the launch of our next church plant
  • United in DNA: A shared version of the same Mission, Vision and Core Values at the heart of LFC
  • United by God’s Word:  Shared sermon planning and sermon series, through twice annual pastors’ sermon planning retreats
  • United relationally in leadership:  All Lake Forest Lead pastors meet twice-monthly for encouragement, peer mentoring and support; the Active Elders of all churches meet once monthly for encouragement and directional alignment for spiritual health
Even as you thrive and grow as a follower of Jesus Christ as part of your local LFC, we pray you draw joy knowing you are also part of a large movement spreading the Good News increasingly far and wide!
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