Care & Support Groups

Hospital Team

Our hospital team partners with LFC pastoral staff to care for members of our church family who would appreciate words of encouragement and prayer during hospitalization or in the midst of other medical issues. Please contact Suzanne Powell to request a visit from our Hospital Team.

Meals Ministry

Our Meals Ministry Team works to provide meals to those who have recently experienced surgery, a new baby, death or hospitalization. If you would like to make a request for meals for yourself or another member of our church family, please contact Suzanne Powell.

A Safe Place

Second Monday of the Month | 7pm | Meeting Place, LFC-Huntersville

A Safe Place is for parents and siblings impacted by someone with mental illness or substance abuse in the family. Open conversation leads to discussing boundaries, tough love and how to handle anger/anguish issues that come in these circumstances. A Safe Place is meant to be a place of connection and encouragement and is led by LFC Elder John Campbell and his wife, Bobbi. For additional information, shoot us an email.

Infertility Support for Women

Email or call Amy Eatmon at 704-820-0439 for information.

Men’s Depression Support Group

While men and women both battle depression, men are known to hide this struggle even more. It’s a common fight for many men and one that men at LFC want to fight together. Email or call Marshall Scott at 704-807-6608 for information.

Breast Cancer Support Group

If you or someone you know would like to talk with someone who’s survived breast cancer, please feel free to email or call Joan Rogers at 704-402-8458. Joan will be more than happy to answer any questions and pray for you.

Hospital TeamMeals MinistryA Safe PlaceInfertility Support for WomenMen’s Depression Support GroupBreast Cancer Support Group

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