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Tracy Grubbs

creative arts chick

meet tracy.

she’s a gen x-er trapped in a baby boomer’s body and has been married to her sweetie, algie, for 25 years. she’s also a mom of three fabulously amazing, interesting people who she considers her best work to date – morgan, 25, molly, 23, and wyatt, 21.

tracy is a conductor of creative arts and the sunday morning producer at the huntersville campus. in 1998 tracy joined lfc under the disco ball at kate’s skating rink. she was looking for a church that would challenge her as a less-than-perfect-yet-earnest follower of christ, but still be a safe haven for her skeptical neighbors and friends. tracy found a home here at lfc and settled in for the long haul. her favorite part of her awesome job is being a part of the teams whose job is to make sunday mornings sacred, relevant, fresh and fun…in any given week.

tracy’s favs: deep impromptu philosophical convos, the carolina panthers, pine nut hummus, crime shows, and fonts. in fact, as she is typing this, she is actually as worried about the font that will be used as she is the content of this bio…(oh and also lower case type and ellipses…they are also favs…).


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