Our Staff

Michael Flake

Lead Pastor, LFC-Davidson

In addition to leading the ragtag band known as LFC-Davidson, Michael Flake is a husband to Mandi, a dad to Indi, a graduate of Davidson College, a native of Memphis, a fan of Dylan’s “Watchtower” and Chesterton’s Orthodoxy, a writer of Tabitha’s Books, a connoisseur of Dr. Pepper, an INTJ and a pastor who majored in math.

Made up of equal parts Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory and Puddleglum of The Silver Chair, he is learning to love God and others while keeping Christ central. He would love to help you do the same. He has a soft spot for those who believe that there is no room for them in God’s family.

A note from Michael:

I want everyone to know that no matter your stage in life, LFC-Davidson is a safe place to learn, grow and change. Whether you are curious about Christian faith or fully committed to Christ, I would love to have you join us for Sunday morning worship. Provided you don’t have it all together, you’ll fit right in.


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