Our Staff

Melody Hogan

Graphic Designer

I moved cross-country to marry the love of my life in 2004. WOW. That decade flew by!!! Now we live near uptown Charlotte in the Plaza Midwood neighborhood. It’s a quaint little community…everyone who visits says there’s GOTTA be a beach just over the hill. But alas, no. However, I am the proud owner of a mint julep beach cruiser with a wicker basket. It makes me happy. So does riding around the neighborhood with my hubby John, our black lab, Gracie…and our 4-yr-old wonder-filled daughter, Ellie. She was an unexpected part of God’s wild adventure we call life…we just pray she keeps us young!

Getting the opportunity to create graphics for LFC is one of my favorite things on earth. Taking original ideas and creating concepts that are then fine tuned by mixing powerful photos or artwork with fonts and filters and fabulosity… well, it’s just my happy place. I am an artist at heart…I love most creative things, but my true love is painting. I paint in my home studio…and also for live worship events. I was so honored when the leadership team asked me to paint during a Huntersville campus Sunday service. It’s always such a special thing getting to do what I love for the One I love. Nothing else like it. I just can’t get enough of seeing people connect to God in unconventional ways!

It’s not public knowledge, but I am a closet font freak, and have been know to secretly and willingly feed Tracy Grubb’s font addiction. There. I said it. I feel so much better now…

I will openly own my ongoing need for chocolate on a daily basis…and can’t imagine a world without coffee, sourdough bread, avocados or basil. I am a lap swimmer (aka “Mrs. Spitz”), a gardener, a writer, a movie-goer, and a shameless fanatic about my husband’s drumming and the deep blue wells of my daughter’s eyes.


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