Our Staff

Lindsey Ammons

LFC-Davidson Youth Coordinator

A proud cat mom of two, an extrovert and a promoter of togetherness, Lindsey loves the simple joys of life. For her this includes, but is not limited to: Taylor Swift music, her collection of colorful pens, drinking copious amounts of coffee, cat snuggles, laughter with friends, game nights and a unique preference for “real” food at breakfast. (asparagus, advocado, sweet potatoes, salad with grilled chicken, brussel sprouts, tacos, etc. Nothing is off limits!)

Whether it’s enjoying good conversation over a cup of coffee or working out the details of opportunities for people to connect and form relationships, Lindsey is passionate about people and how God works through community. One of the things that excites her the most is seeing how God brings our stories together and weaves them into His greater plan.

Her heart in youth ministry has been to create opportunities for the youth to build deeper relationships as they learn more about God and who He created them to be.  She is excited to encourage their growth in friendship with each other and in friendship with the leaders while providing a safe place for them to question and strengthen who they are in Christ.


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