LFC School of Ministry

Lake Forest Church School of Ministry

Lake Forest Church has always aspired to be a hospital for sinners, versus a cruise ship for saints, but we believe that God has called us to become a “teaching hospital” in the upcoming years through our Lake Forest Church School of Ministry.

We are excited to raise the next generation of ministry leaders up for the Kingdom of God by connecting our ministries with promising, young ministry candidates under the umbrella of personal mentoring, ministry skill training and spiritual formation.

Interested applicants for the opportunities below can contact Mitch White for more information.

The Four Levels of Training for the LFC School of Ministry

  1. High School/College-Age Internships
    Students who have an interest and commitment to a specific ministry or skill area at LFC may apply within that department for a semester or year-long internship.
  2. Summer Ministry Internships
    College-aged students who have an interest in ministry as their future vocation will be placed into a ministry area of the church’s need. As key contributors to the day-to-day operations of Lake Forest, the interns will learn to lead people, projects and processes through first hand operations. Summer internships are announced in March of each year and will be posted on our employment page.
  3. Ministry Fellows
    The Lake Forest Church Fellows Program trains post-college graduates who have shown promise and excitement for a lifetime of ministry through meaningful experience under close mentorship for one or two year fellowships. Check out our LFC Ministry Fellow Program Overview for more information.
  4. EPC Church Planter Residents
    Recent seminary graduates who feel called to plant a new EPC church will gain readiness for their career through a 1-2 year apprenticeship under experienced church planters in our network. Each resident will develop in their personal life, pastoral vocation and planting skills through practical ministry, coaching, study, evaluation and reflection. Check out the EPC Church Planter links below for more information.We are currently seeking a Church Planting Pastor who has a gospel passion for reaching peoples of Hispanic cultures in the north Charlotte, NC area. Click here for more information about this position.

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