Our History

April 1998: A Group of 42 Lake Norman-ers felt a Need

The group of 42 gathered in the back room of a Huntersville bowling alley to dream and pray. Their dream? To create the opportunity to worship and continuously grow, while following Jesus more closely in a radically open and inclusive way. They wanted to create an environment to meet with friends and explore questions about God without having to pretend they had it all together or wading through a bunch of religious lingo – an alternative community that wouldn’t make assumptions about what they believed about God or knew about the Bible. The group believed that the best way to grow in our love for God is to begin a mission of loving others in Jesus’ name, and thus they began their mission to create a place “for people who’ve given up on church, but not on God.”

October 18, 1998: LFC Goes Public

The group of Lake Norman-ers from the bowling alley, with the help (otherwise known as love, support and money) of Forest Hill Church in South Charlotte, took their first step at creating the church they had dreamed of. Lake Forest Church “went public” in a Huntersville Skating Rink; founding Pastor Mike Moses even preached under a disco ball!

A church of about 150 grew that year with the united goal of creating “a real place for real people and a real God.” Two years later, LFC moved to the Lake Norman YMCA for some extra square footage. They grew in service to the world and the community, becoming a church of around 500.

April 16, 2006: Dare You to Move

Following a successful vision and stewardship campaign called “Dare You to Move,” LFC opened its doors at its first permanent location on Gilead Road in Huntersville for Easter Services.

Fall 2010: Love to the Tenth Power

LFC’s next vision campaign, Love10 (love to the tenth power) solidified the church’s vision of God’s commandment in Acts 1:8 and saw the body move as one towards the common goals of one more person, one more church, one more neighborhood and one more leader.

2011: Room to Grow

LFC-Huntersville made space for 250 additional guests by adding seats to the balcony and building a multi-purpose building, “The Box,” for children, youth and special events.

August 21, 2011: The First Baby Church

Lake Forest Church-Davidson held its first worship service at Davidson Elementary School, and LFC began a new chapter as one church in two locations.

Soon, there was a calling to reach people of the west side of Lake Norman.

February 2, 2014: Baby Church #2

LFC-WestLake launches at Lincoln Charter Elementary School in Denver, NC.

Today: A Church of 2,000+ Souls

LFC’s short history shows that this journey is about trusting God to do something truly unique and meaningful in and through imperfect people. God has allowed Lake Forest Church to grow tremendously, but the goal was never size. The goal always was, and continues to be, based upon the ideas of authentic community, learning the Scriptures, honest conversation, serving those in need, and exploring the question “Where is God taking us next?”

2016: Hispanic Church Plant

Our next calling is to launch a Spanish-speaking sister church, to welcome and serve the needs of the growing Latino population in our area.

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