Mission & Passions

Lake Forest Church has a Clear Identity

Our mission, passions and strategy are applications of Biblical truth expressed through the unique personality of Lake Forest Church.

Our Mission

Loving people as they discover and live out their role in God’s story.

Our Passions

At LFC, we refer to our “values” as our “passions.” We believe that anything worth living for is worth fighting for, and our passions represent what God has called our church to strive for with excellence and tenacity.

  • Welcome Who Jesus Welcomed; people who’ve given up on church, but not on God.

    How we do it:

    • Inviting people to belong with us before they believe, in friendship and at church.
    • Never mocking or belittling those with whom we disagree.
    • Clarity in Christian essentials; freedom in cultural, political and Biblical matters; and ultimately, love in all things.

    To view our faith essentials, please click here.

  • Love like Jesus; with grace and truth.

    How we do it:

    • Worship, teaching and small group communities that reflect Biblical grace and truth.
    • Cultivating a culture of grace and understanding where it’s safe to reveal woundedness without a risk of rejection, in order to create space for God’s healing.
    • Growing in our passion for scripture by studying it individually and together.

    For opportunities to learn more about the Bible, please click here.

  • Live like Jesus; on the missio Dei.

    How we do it:

    • Rejecting “consumer Christianity” and rather spending ourselves for the sake of others.
    • Setting goals for 100% of Ministry Partners to have a short-term, cross-cultural mission experience.
    • Traveling near and far, to serve people who are like us, and not like us, people who are hungry for God or hungry for food.

    For more information on LFC missions, please click here.

  • Journey like Jesus; doing life together.

    How we do it:

    • Leading every child, student and adult to belong in a Christ-centered small group community.
    • Partnering with parents in the spiritual and character development of their children and youth.
    • “Doing a few things well” as a life-giving principle for personal, family and church schedules.

    To find a place to connect at LFC, please click here.

  • Lead like Jesus; towards more and better disciples, leaders and churches.

    How we do it:

    • Influencing others through personal relationships.
    • Utilizing creative influence through relevant subject matter, engaging art forms and compelling personal stories.
    • Creating strategic opportunities to raise up one more disciple, leader and church at a time.

Our Spiritual Growth Strategy:

We follow the guideposts of Discover, Belong, Share and Go to help define next steps for spiritual growth and grow closer to Jesus.

Discover: God, the Bible and Life at LFC

Belong: In a Small Community of Christ-followers

Share: Your Time, Talents and Heart within Lake Forest

GO: On the Missio Dei (Mission of God)

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