Congregational Vote: Sunday, April 6 at all services

Every year, a team of committed Ministry Partners is created and assigned the duty of working with Elders to receive, interview, and recommend additions to Lake Forest’s Active Elder Board.

This team is called the Elder Nominating Committee (ENC). Beginning in March, the ENC will meet weekly for approximately two months to seek out qualified Ministry Partners as potential Elder candidates.

The following Ministry Partners have been nominated to serve with Matt Gallagher and Bill Worsley on the committee delegated to review and select our next Active Elders:  Sarah Jo Biancofiore  -  Lindy Glass  -  Mike Wells  -  Ryan McKinney  

All LFC Ministry Partners will be asked to participate in a Congregational Vote during services on April 6 to affirm these candidates.

If you have questions about these candidates or about the ENC’s work, please contact Elder Matt Gallagher.

About the Role of Elder at Lake Forest Church

At Lake Forest, it is the responsibility of the Ruling Elders to govern the church and oversee the spiritual welfare of the congregation, including vision-casting and planning, stewardship of pastors and staff, shepherding and praying for members of the body and participation in special duties and weekly meetings.

All Ruling Elders are nominated and confirmed by Ministry Partners after examination by the Elder Nominating Committee (ENC). Elders can be male or female and must be an active Lake Forest Church Ministry Partner who demonstrates admirable leadership and character qualifications. Lake Forest Elders must also agree with all components of EPC “Essentials” and general assent with the Westminster Confession. Learn more…

Active Elders

Rusty Andrews

Steve Brumm

John Campbell

Jack Cathey

Matt Gallagher

Dave Gregory

Corinne Kologe

The Elders at their August 2012 planning and prayer retreat.


Inactive Elders

Brian Allison
Jim Barger
Sam Frowine
Dave Grimes
Algie Grubbs
T.J. Haycox
Darrell Lipe
Mark Tornberg
Bill Worsley

Teaching Elders

Mike Moses
Mitch White
Michael Flake