Paradox: The Beauty and Mystery of God

Paradox: The Beauty and Mystery of God

Cold Sweat. Act Naturally. Random Order. Sweet Agony.
These are common phrases in our vernacular and we might take for granted that they are a combination of opposing forces working together for a new purpose.

God has also repurposed what we think of as contradictions: His Sovereignty & Free Will, Love & Justice, Fully God & Fully Man.

In our new series Paradox: The Beauty and Mystery of God, we are going to take a look at the “both/and” nature of God and why it’s better than “either/or.”

Why are we doing this? 🙂
Because sometimes our faith gets tripped up when we try to put an infinite and complex God in a box. We hope this series can help both those exploring Jesus, and those already following Him, learn to embrace God as He reveals Himself. To let God tell us who He is.

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