A Mountain Worth Climbing

A Mountain Worth Climbing

A new year brings us fresh opportunities to live well.

So we scour and scroll the web for advice: How can I do _________ better/faster/wiser/cheaper/more intentional? We trust “experts” we’ve never met and set out to climb mountains of achievement. Sometimes it works; however, most of the time….

But what if we could actually learn how to live well from the greatest teacher who has ever lived? The one who lived out the very things He taught. The expert of all experts who – by the way – also knows all of our unique and clumsy wirings and loves us through and through.

Wouldn’t you jump at the chance to hear that message? We believe you would!

This month at Lake Forest, we’ll be learning from the greatest sermon that’s ever been given – Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount. It’s a message so full of practical wisdom that it has the ability to help each of us live different and live well in 2017.

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