Accidental Pharisees

Accidental Pharisees

The Pharisees never meant to be the bad guys of the New Testament. 

In fact, they saw themselves as God’s greatest defenders.

But somehow along the way, their love of God turned into an overzealous faith that emphasized their own definitions of righteousness instead of the grace and truth of Christ. 

Can you believe they would do such a thing??!!

The reality is that even our best intentions are susceptible to drifting away from the Gospel to the way of the Pharisees (through Pride, Exclusivity, Uniformity, Idolizing the Past, and Legalism). 

In our new series, Accidental Pharisees, we want to make sure the hearts of Christians, spiritual explorers and skeptics in our tribe are calibrated to seek Jesus, not becoming distracted or discouraged by a list of rules to follow or endless boxes to check. 

Accidents happen. Let’s fix them together.

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