so what is love to the tenth all about?

My pastor’s gut told me our church needed three things from the LORD as we moved into our second decade of mission: rock solid unity, stepped-up spiritual growth and action steps towards a compelling future. Love10 was the vehicle for getting there.

We are a thriving and unique church in one of the fastest-growing areas in the Charlotte Metro area. In terms of population, location, and authentic heart for people, God continues to give us an incredible opportunity. He has set before us an open door of momentum, and the time to further our witness to Jesus’ LOVE is now. Our mission matters even more when people and the country we LOVE are enduring hard times.

In our second decade of life together, we must steward our resources to become a more fully functioning biblical church that spreads the LOVE of Jesus in our ‘Jerusalem (local), Judea (regional), Samaria (close community of physical need), and to the ends of the earth.’ –Acts 1:8. There are still tens of thousands of people nearby who have no meaningful connection to the God who made them. That makes me weep, then it makes me determined to LOVE more.

The cost of expanding our mission to ‘LOVE people’ in our Jerusalem, Judea, and Samaria is too great for only a few to carry. It will take all of us sacrificially serving, praying, and giving. While we cannot all give equal financial gifts, we can all make an equal sacrifice. Many of our financial circumstances have changed recently – for worse or for better. For some, a ‘sacrificial’ gift given over time may be $2-3,000. For others who have prospered in this economy, a ‘sacrifice’ may be closer to $150,000 or more. I believe the LORD will impress a specific amount on each of our hearts as we sincerely ask Him to lead us in the financial aspect of Love10.

Though we’ve accomplished much in two plus years (the following pages detail the ministry made possible), new giving to Love10 can help make these plans a reality:

  • New Children’s Ministry classrooms (Huntersville)
  • Parking expansion (Huntersville)
  • Funding of our next baby churches (Davidson and WestLake)
  • Funding of a self-sustaining enterprise in our neighborhood redevelopment ministry – One More Neighborhood, Inc.

The important thing will not be the amount of money raised through Love10, but our obedient movement in response to God’s call. To LOVE. To grow. To live in unity and on mission with our brothers and sisters at Lake Forest Church.

Your fan,
Mike Moses, Lead Pastor

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