Community Groups

Why Community Groups Matter

One of the core values at Lake Forest Church is to “Journey like Jesus by doing life together.” This is why we create opportunities for every child, youth and adult to belong in a Christ-centered small group community.

LFC Community Groups are gatherings of approximately 8-15 people who meet regularly to explore faith, celebrate the successes and good times of life, as well as comfort one another during the tough and disappointing times. Groups are made up of people from all spiritual backgrounds – skeptics, spiritual explorers and longtime followers of Christ. No one is expected to have all of the answers to Biblical questions or have life all figured out.

In fact, that’s why we love Community Groups. They allow us to form trusted relationships, find encouragement and accountability, work through questions based on sermons, serve our communities and live out our faith in ways we can’t alone.

Plus, there’s a pretty good chance someone will bring something yummy to eat.

Getting Connected at Your LFC Church

WestLake: View Groups here.
Davidson: Email Bud Brainerd.
Huntersville: Email Jeff Cook

Interested in becoming a Community Group leader?

Check out our Community Group Leader’s GuideCommunity Group Agreement and Community Group Resource Guide.

You can also begin with this Start a Group Form.

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