LFC Classes


LFC Classes are designed to equip skeptics, spiritual explorers and longtime followers of Christ discover the next step in their journeys. Maybe you’d like to explore the essentials of the Christian faith…see what God has to say about strengthening your relationships, marriage and finances…or dig deeper into stories and people found in the Bible.

No matter what you choose, we believe you’ll find wisdom, encouragement and community.

See you in class!

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How to Register:

Unless noted, registration for Classes happen through your LFC Account in Realm.
Here’s how:

  • When you click “Register” in the class description, you’ll be directed to log into your account at myaccount.lakeforest.org.
  • Once you are logged in, click “Events” on the left. Find your class and then register!
  • If your class offers childcare, don’t forget to also register YOUR KIDS for that.
  • There are also links on the Login Page, if you need to set up an account or retrieve your password.
  • If you have an issues, shoot an email to administration@lakeforest.org.

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