Hope in a House of Blues

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Blues in the Key of D: Dread, Despair, Doubt and Death

A Lake Forest tradition returns with a new spin in 2013. Hope in a House of Blues is four weeks of finding hope amidst the reality that life is really hard. Each Sunday includes special guest speakers and/or musicians who will share their words and music (gospel, bluegrass, rock, Americana) as a sweet balm for our weary souls Рallowing us space to work through our blues.

The experience of being human allows for the experience of suffering and we don’t have to look far – sometimes just in the mirror – to find blues manifested from feelings of dread, depression, doubt and the pain of death. There’s no sugar coating it…but there is HOPE. It’s found in God’s word, His promises to us. His redeeming love continues to “restore the places long devastated” (Isaiah 61:4). He will redeem our blues if we invite Him into our darkest places.

We hope that you will share Hope in a House of Blues with your family, friends, neighbors and co-workers who are looking for better days and a sense of hope.

Musical Guests:

The McCrary Sisters: April 14 at LFC-Huntersville


Kerry Kearney: April 21 at LFC-Huntersville


Jim Avett: April 21 at LFC-Davidson


Stevie Barr: April 28 in Huntersville and May 5 in Davidson


Mike Farris with Kyle Dillard: May 5 in Huntersville