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Every Sunday night: re:mix youth ministry
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Every Sunday night: re:mix youth ministry
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Monthly Prayer Gathering
Wednesday, December 3, 7-9 pm at LFC-Huntersville
You are always invited to join us for a relaxed gathering of singing worship songs and praying with and for one another. There will be no pressure to pray out loud, but all are invited to participate as they feel comfortable. Also, if you have a special prayer need, we have folks who would love to pray with you privately or in the group.
There’s no need to RSVP, just come find us in the Meeting Place at LFC-Huntersville.

Blue Christmas
Monday, December 8 from 7-8pm at LFC-Huntersville
The holidays bring images of joy and celebration, but each of us have memories of someone or something that brings a bit of darkness during this time as well.

Lake Forest strives to celebrate the good and also to stand beside those who need some encouragement as they walk through an emotional valley. For those in this emotional place, we’re offering a “Blue Christmas” service on December 8. Mike Moses and Harrison Gillming will lead a night of encouragement through music, reflection, and liturgy for those experiencing loss, crisis, or life challenges, and the friends who support them.

There is HOPE in Christmas for everyone.


LKN Church Leadership Network: 2015 Training Weekend – Essentials
January 23 – 24 at LFC-Huntersville
There are thousands of books on leadership and hundreds specifically about church leadership. It can be overwhelming…where do you start? That’s why we want to bring you the Essentials – what we believe every church leader needs to know in order to thrive. Learn more.


re:mix Youth Ministry is already making plans for an awesome summer trip. Learn more here!