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Group Discussion on “Family Anguish” : Monday, August 11 from 7-9pm at LFC-Huntersville
It is difficult to see the people we love fail to reach their potential. This is especially hard when this person is our adult child or brother/sister who wants to be independent but due to a mental illness or poor choices such as substance abuse, they consistently fail. That’s why were creating a forum where parents and siblings can discuss boundaries, “tough love” and what to do with the anger and anguish that come with these circumstances. This discussion is meant to be a place of connection and encouragement and will be led by Elder John Campbell and his wife, Bobbi.

No need to register, just come on August 11.

Kidtrpolis Hero and Community Group Leader Training Luncheon
Sunday, August 17 from 12:30-2pm in The Box at LFC-Huntersville
If you are a new or returning Children’s Ministry leader, or a Community Group leader, join us for lunch as we prepare our hearts and minds for a new season of loving and leading children and adults.

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